A Message from Jane

A message to the Fire Drill Fridays community from Jane — What we can all do together to stay connected to each other and our power in this challenging time.

To prioritize the health and well being of Fire Drill Fridays community, we’re shifting from in-person rallies to online ones! We’ll be sharing weekly actions (every Friday, of course!) for you to do from home along with all of us across the Fire Drill Fridays community. Join us by texting JANE to 877-877 and we’ll send you weekly links to connect live with Jane and others every Friday as we continue to build a mass movement demanding climate justice. 

Today, we have two messages for you from Jane. She wrote these over the weekend, while she was stuck at home (since filming Grace & Frankie is on hold), and as she contemplated this rapidly changing landscape, what it means for the climate movement, and what we can all do at home to keep the fight for climate justice alive — you can find them here and here. Please read, and feel free to share.

As well as being a community of activists, Fire Drill Fridays is a place for learning more about climate issues. Last fall, when Jane was in DC, we did weekly teach-ins, which are all available on FireDrillFridays.com. We’re committed to continuing to learn together, even if we can not physically be together. So today, we also have a new teach-in to share with you – a conversation with Jane and climatologist and geophysicist, Dr. Michael Mann.