John Hocevar

Oceans Campaign Director, Greenpeace USA

Photo of John Hocevar

“We live on the water planet. When climate change impacts the health of the ocean, it impacts the health of us all. At the same time, healthy oceans are better able to mitigate climate change. If you are not willing to accept a future without coral reefs or polar bears, it is time to get in the streets. I am joining the Oceans Fire Drill to help build a movement capable of ensuring we have leaders who will act for the ocean, and for us all.”

As the Oceans Campaign Director for Greenpeace USA, John Hocevar oversees the organization’s work to keep our oceans healthy for future generations. Since joining Greenpeace in 2004, Hocevar has spearheaded numerous projects, including efforts to phase out single use plastic, improve the sustainability of seafood sold in supermarkets and establish a network of ocean sanctuaries. A licensed submarine pilot and experienced SCUBA diver, Hocevar has collaborated with scientists from dozens of institutions on research projects from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Prior to his arrival at Greenpeace, Hocevar co-founded and served as Executive Director of Students for a Free Tibet. He has focused on the intersection of human rights and environmental issues throughout his career.

Hocevar earned a bachelor’s degree in evolutionary ecology from the University of Connecticut in 1990 and a master’s degree in marine biology, focused on coral reef conservation, from Nova University in 1993.

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