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Climate Action in California

How did the Golden State become a climate policy trendsetter for the rest of the nation?

With more than 39 million people living in California, it’s not just the most populated U.S. state, it’s also the 5th largest economy in the world. When California talks, industries listen … and the Golden State has much to say about our climate.

In recent years, forward-thinking policies like ending the sale of gas-powered cars, banning fracking, setting goals to end oil production and reach carbon neutrality, and passing a gas pump price gouging penalty have had huge ripple effects in the business world and in the court of public opinion. These noteworthy, historic actions in California are holding the line against Big Oil.

But the Golden State doesn’t always get gold stars across the board. When we miss opportunities or fall short in pushing the envelope, progress stalls everywhere. And in boldly tackling climate change, there is literally no time to lose.

With President Biden and Congress green-lighting fossil fuel projects and with California’s oil companies dumping $20 million into a referendum to overturn the hardwon grassroots victory to protect communities living near drilling, it’s become more and more essential that Governor Newsom be the climate champion the world needs.

There’s a saying: as goes California, so goes the world. The crisis we are in demands we rapidly phase out fossil fuels, and support workers and communities in transitioning to a clean, green economy. If we start in California, we can do it everywhere. Join us now to demand action.

This fall, Fire Drill Fridays is spotlighting California to: 

  • Expose the harms of oil drilling
  • Support frontline activists and coalitions in the fight to end toxic neighborhood drilling and new fossil fuel permitting
  • Push Governor Newsom to move California beyond fossil fuels and become the climate leader the world needs

Join the Greenpeace USA letter writing campaign

Tell the Biden Admin we need a strong Global Plastics Treaty

Demand President Biden declare a climate emergency

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