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From Jane and Friends

A Letter to You

On October 21, 2019, Fire Drill Fridays held its first action in the streets of Washington, D.C. Since then, our movement to fight the global climate disaster has inspired hundreds to participate in non-violent direct action with us, thousands to rally alongside us, millions to amplify calls for action on social media, and 12 million viewers to join us for virtual shows and teach-ins featuring environmental experts, frontline activists, elected officials, and celebrities. 

What does this prove? People are more aware, more outraged, and more committed to stopping the climate catastrophe than ever before. 

Despite Big Oil’s relentless and well-funded disinformation campaigns, public opinion has reached unprecedented levels of support for climate action. In fact, 3% of Americans polled — representing 8.6 million people — even say they would participate in peaceful action to raise awareness of the climate crisis if asked by someone they liked and respected. So here at Fire Drill Fridays, we say… come on down!

Everything is at stake. Scientists are telling us we are in our “last decade of action” and data has proven that the world already has more fossil fuel reserves under development than we can safely burn. What we do or fail to do in the coming years to cut our greenhouse gas pollution in half will determine much about the future livability of this planet. Now is the time for bold action.

If you are a frontline activist or Indigenous leader that feels the weight of the climate crisis in your communities — we need you. If you are a climate expert fueled by science, truth, and justice — we need you. If you are a young voter, a seasoned voter, a one-issue voter, an all-issue voter — we need you. If you are an elected official or celebrity with a platform to raise awareness and call on others to join the movement — we need you. If you are just learning about the climate crisis and how it is affecting our world — we need you. If you are concerned … if you are alarmed … if you are ready to do something, anything — we need you. If you are all of these, or none of these — we especially need you.

You know the drill. To make change, we must take action. Get started today.

In solidarity,
Jane Fonda and friends

Tell the Biden Admin we need a strong Global Plastics Treaty

Urge California Governor Newsom to be a climate leader

Demand President Biden declare a climate emergency

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