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2020: Best of Fire Drill Fridays

Join Jane Fonda as she looks back at some of her favorite moments from Fire Drill Fridays virtual shows in 2020. Mark MagaƱa from GreenLatinos talks about how we’re all living in a documentary moment. Lily Tomlin demonstrates calling politicians about important issues. Ben & Jerry divulge what a Fire Drill Fridays ice cream flavor would taste like. Jane’s BOOK CLUB costars Mary Steenburgen and Candice Bergen share how Jane’s climate actions with Greenpeace have inspired them. Mary also talks about how her husband Ted Danson was forever changed after getting arrested with Jane at FDF climate action in 2019. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explains why climate justice is integral to climate policy. And finally, Jane asks Mary Trump if she loves her uncle Donald. Jane ends the show with a call for empathy and rest before we hold President Joe Biden accountable in January.

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