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The fight for a safe and livable climate is everywhere and the courts are a key battleground to hold major polluters accountable. In 2023, the state of California filed suit against the five biggest oil companies for their decades of lies and deception. Young people across the United States are suing governments over inaction, saying their fundamental rights to life, liberty, and property are being violated. In response, oil companies unveiled a “game-ending” strategy to kill climate cases and dodge liability. Actor and activist, Jane Fonda, and California Attorney General, Rob Bonta, make sense of this climate reckoning and share the inside scoop on landmark cases.

Meet Rob Bonta

On April 23, 2021, Rob Bonta was sworn in as the 34th Attorney General of the State of California, the first person of Filipino descent and the second Asian-American to occupy the position. Attorney General Bonta’s passion for justice and fairness was instilled in him by his parents, who served on the frontlines of some of America’s most important social justice movements. As the People’s Attorney, he sees seeking accountability from those who abuse their power and harm others as one of the most important functions of the job.

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